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Moss graffiti by Anna Garforth


Tell President Obama to defend the Clean Water Act.Take Action:


Tell President Obama to defend the Clean Water Act.

Take Action:


London’s first aquaponic farm in a shipping container has opened. Fish live in the base of the unit, creating nutrients for the plants growing in the greenhouse above. If you find yourself in London in the next few weeks, head to London Bridge tube station to find the Grow Up Box just off Union Street.


by Michael Keller

Hope Floats

This Nigerian school is set to rise. The floating structure was built by Dutch and Nigerian architecture, design and urbanism firm NLÉ to serve the slum neighborhood of Makoko, much of which exists on stilts above a lagoon in the port city of Lagos. Looking to mitigate the compounding problem of massive population movements to urban areas and the realities of climate change, NLÉ built the school as a prototype for a broader urban planning initiative called Lagos Water Communities Project.

Their design conforms to the local necessity of building houses on stilts above the lagoon with flotation platforms crafted from 256 common plastic barrels. This will allow the three-story primary school to rise along with sea level due to climate change or rainfall. The architects also designed it to provide natural ventilation, water from a rain collection system and power from rooftop solar panels to occupants. The almost 2,400 square-foot bamboo and wood building can safely hold up to 100 students.

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